Composer and Songwriter

Melbourne, Australia

I love creating music, songs and sound design. My main inspiration is jazz, especially artists like Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, Diana Krall, Emma Gilmartin, Joe Chindamo, and Herbie Hancock. I am committed to learning and going deeper into my music. Meditation is something I do every day, and it keeps me grounded and in "beginner's mind". The creative process is a sacred and challenging space. I hope that my music and songs can touch people's hearts and minds. My current show : Nightsongs, is a combination of  jazz, cabaret, and mindfulness meditation. I recorded my first EP, titled Sleepless Daughters , in November, 2019

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I wrote Nightsongs during 2017, and it was first performed in Melbourne in 2018. Nightsongs is a powerful music-theatre work that is a combination of mindfulness meditation, jazz and cabaret, with 16 lyrical jazz-based songs that soothe the soul and have a strong affinity to mental health.  The songs are interspersed with short evocative poems that reflect the desires, longings and memories and vulnerability of the human condition. Nightsongs is available Australia-wide for performances in festivals, as well as  in music and theatre venues. We are able to perform at fundraising events that support mental health and wellbeing.  



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Nightsongs flyer 2018 Flyer for The Butterfly Club season, 2018 244 KB
Nightsongs Media Release 2019 Media Release 2019 for MC Showroom, and The Wedge Performing Arts Centre 588 KB
natasha-moszenin-press-kit.pdf Information about me, and the Nightsongs show. 417 KB
natasha-moszenin-arts-resume-2020.pdf My current resume 305 KB

Press Photos

Nightsongs at La Mama Theatre, 2018

Nightsongs at La Mama Theatre, 2018

Nightsongs at La Mama Theatre, 2018

Nightsongs at La Mama Theatre, 2018

Nightsongs in performance. Photography by Dan A'Vard

Nightsongs in performance. Photography by Dan A'Vard

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