Theatre Projects

The Insomnia Project was my first self-produced music-theatre work, and is  an intense exploration of sleeplessness, and its consequences - anxiety, loneliness, sleeping pill dependency and the addiction to rumination. It featured Melbourne performers Jai Luke, Claire Nicholls, Lauren Mass, Andi Snelling, and Fiona Scarlett. We performed 2 seasons of this work, at Gallery 314 in Richmond, Melbourne, and then at La Mama Courthouse, Melbourne.  The work resonated strongly with its audience who could easily identify with the 4 nameless characters, as they each spent a sleepless night, in their individual home environment, yet somehow invisibly linked by their shared experience. Some of the sound design from the production can be heard on this site. 

I wrote Nightsongs during 2017, and it was first performed in Melbourne in 2018. Nightsongs is a powerful music-theatre work that is a combination of mindfulness meditation, jazz and cabaret, with 16 lyrical jazz-based songs that soothe the soul and have a strong affinity to mental health.  The songs are interspersed with short evocative poems that reflect the desires, longings and memories and vulnerability of the human condition.